How to Accurately Measure Your Bathroom for a New Shower Enclosure

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom with a new shower enclosure? Before you start shopping, it’s essential to measure your bathroom accurately. This will guarantee that you purchase the right size enclosure for your space. To help you out, here is a step-by-step guide on how to measure your bathroom for a new shower enclosure.

Step 1: Measure the Width and Length of the Room

The first step is to measure the width and length of the room.

Measure from wall to wall, including any alcoves or protrusions. Make sure to measure in multiple places, as walls can be uneven. Record the measurements in feet and inches.

Step 2: Measure the Height of the Ceiling

Next, measure the height of the ceiling.

This is important for determining the size of the shower enclosure. Measure from floor to ceiling in multiple places, as ceilings can be uneven.

Step 3: Measure Any Existing Fixtures

If you have any existing fixtures, such as a toilet or sink, measure their width and length. This will help you determine how much space you have for a shower enclosure.

Step 4: Measure Any Windows or DoorsIf there are any windows or doors in the bathroom, measure their width and height. This will help you determine what size shower enclosure will fit in your space.

Step 5: Calculate Your Shower Enclosure Size

Once you have all of your measurements, it’s time to calculate your shower enclosure size. Subtract any existing fixtures from the width and length of the room.

Then subtract any windows or doors from the width and height of the room. The remaining measurements are your ideal shower enclosure size.

Step 6: Consider Your Options

Now that you know your ideal shower enclosure size, it’s time to start shopping! Consider all of your options, such as framed or frameless enclosures, sliding or hinged doors, and glass or acrylic panels. You can also choose from a variety of finishes and colors to match your bathroom décor.

Step 7: Get Professional Help If you’re uncertain about measuring your bathroom for a new shower enclosure, it’s best to get professional help. A professional installer can measure your space accurately and recommend the best type of enclosure for your needs. Measuring your bathroom for a new shower enclosure doesn’t have to be complicated. With these simple steps, you can make sure that you purchase the right size enclosure for your space.

Good luck!.

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